What You Can Expect From The Weather In Arizona

When it comes to the weather, Arizona certainly has some strong characteristics that will make a big impression on you throughout the year. If you’re only stopping by, you’re sure to notice relative warm temperatures throughout any particular time of the year. The winter months are quite mild in terms of the cold, and the temperatures soar into the 100s quite regular in the summer. As such, you should almost always be prepared to dress with a few less layers than usual here.

Above all else however, the relatively dry air is an undeniable staple of Arizona. The state has a largely desert style climate through and through. You’ll feel a breeze in the night time most days, which keeps the general atmosphere from becoming too stale. Given the overall dry feel, the heat isn’t quite as oppressive as it can be in some states such as Florida on the east coast. It can also be quite a bit easier for people that suffer from lung related conditions such as asthma to breathe here, an interesting fact that leads to a lot of the state’s relocation statistics than you might have realized.

Arizona does have some rainfall throughout the year however. There’s usually around 12 inches of rain on an annual basis. There are two seasons where the rain seems to be a bit more common. Near the middle of summer, there’s a notable monsoon season however. With a heightened amount of water vapor, it’s not uncommon to see thunderstorms and lightning throughout the state in months such as August or July. Any rainy spell is usually brief on a day to day basis, but it can come down in huge sheets that you’ll always want to be prepared for!

So when it all comes down to it, the overall weather of Arizona is largely characterized by its high temperatures and relative dryness in comparison to other states along the southern border of the USA – especially those nestled off to the eastern border. Given the wide degree of desert land and plateaus, it should really come as no surprise. Provided a high temperature in and of itself isn’t enough to make squirm, you should be quite comfortable in Arizona. You just need to make sure that you aren’t so bundled up that you leave your skin with no room to breathe!