Scottsdale named top spot for snowbird renters

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Scottsdale tops a new list for snowbirds and retirees looking for rentals during the winter. tracked cities with sunshine more than 60 percent of the year. From that list, the rental-listing service then looked at which cities had more two-bedroom apartments with air conditioning, the average rents and the median age of residents. Cities with too much rental housing for college students or too young of populations were dinged.

Scottsdale, with an average apartment rent of $1,165, took top honors for retiree and snowbird renters. Tucson ranked no. 3 with a rent of $778, after Henderson, Nev. With an average monthly rent of $980.

Sacramento was fourth, followed by El Paso, then Albuquerque, Overland Park, Kans., Fresno, Calif., Hampton, Via., Wichita, Kan., St. Petersburg, Fla., Plano, Texas, Little Rock, Ark., and then at No. 14 Richmond, Va.

It’s not clear why the list is of the top 14. And apartment rents vary greatly by city. Scottsdale has one of the list’s highest average rental rates. Plano has the highest monthly rent on the list – almost $1,233.’s database of rentals, Census and National Climate Center data all were used for the ranking.

"Rental needs change as people get older," said Brad Long, president of "While southern Florida is often thought of first for this demographic, our list uncovers many other options, in other areas of the country, that offer more than just sunshine."

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