A Basic Breakdown Of Scottsdale AZ News Sources

When it comes to Scottsdale AZ news, there are no shortage of options. No matter what you’re interested in hearing about, there are several ways to make sure you keep in touch with what’s been going on as of late. Here’s a basic breakdown of the most notable news sources available:

1 – The City Of Scottsdale Website

The official Scottsdale city website has their own news section with pertinent information about things that are going on from a government perspective. You can find out important details about various branches of the city’s services here. A number of standard news stories are also available.

2 – The Scottsdale Independent

The Scottsdale Independent is a news publication that covers all of the latest goings-on from the city as well as general entertainment news and nationwide stories. Their website is easy to browse, with each category clearly defined. If you want a quick place to check in for all of the latest, this is one of the best options.

3 – Scottsdale ABC15

ABC15 is one of the leading news affiliates for Scottsdale. Along with standard syndicated television, they feature periodic news updates each day. This is a great way not only to hear about leading stories, but traffic and weather information as well. If you don’t want to wait for news reports to hit the television, you can simply visit their website for much of the same info.

4 – Social Media

You should also be sure to check out #Scottsdale on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Other citizens that run into major developments will be sure to share what’s going on there. This is easily among the most rapidly growing news sources, so you’d be keen not to ignore it!